McCullagh & Bothwell


Looking for a new uniform solution?

Do you have a school shop but are tired of being out of stock, short of required sizes, too many of the wrong size and too much capital tied up in stock?

Would you like a school shop, but have somebody else finance the cost of the stock, control stock levels, ensure that you have always got sufficient stock on hand at the right times – all at no capital cost to the school?

The consignment system has been developed to assist schools, principals and bursars to cope with the problems of offering and selling school uniforms to the school community in a manner which is both convenient and efficient whilst ensuring reliable quality and delivery.

Since we own the uniform until such time as it is sold, the school’s capital is not tied up in stock for extended periods. In addition, costly purchasing mistakes involving the school’s money are eliminated.

McCullagh & Bothwell uses it’s experience in, and knowledge of, the school uniform market to ensure that the correct stock is bought from the correct supplier in the correct sizes. We manage inventory levels, ensuring as far as possible that the correct quantity of the correct garment is available at the correct place and at the correct time.

In addition, the school, or someone nominated by the school to sell the uniform, keeps a handling fee as part of the package.

We are also able to advise on the design of the uniform, produce samples and source from the most reliable suppliers.

In short, this system offers a complete uniform solution for schools whilst ensuring that the uniform is conveniently located for the school community. It is particularly attractive for those schools that are located in the areas outside of those serviced by our retail outlets.

Let us take the risk and hold the stock, while you benefit from the convenience and reliability of the consignment service!

Schools currently making use of the consignment system include: